How to mine Zcash? – A guide for beginners

What is Zcash?

Zcash (ZEC) is a high priced cryptocurrency and is one of the most valuable altcoins in the market. This means investing in Zcash is profitable. Launched in October 2016, Zcash is known for its maintenance of anonymity in transactions. Although the buzz around bitcoin is significantly more than any other crypto coin, other currencies are enjoying increased attention, and Zcash is one of the foremost, in fact, since it was launched, it has shown promise and even competes with the well-known Ethereum. It should therefore not be a surprise to know that Zcash is supported by many Exchanges and can even be traded directly for bitcoin.

Why mine Zcash?

Let’s start here; it is a very common practice to buy cryptocurrency at a low price and sell it when the prices have increased. However, because cryptocurrencies just like any other valuable commodity have unsteady prices and can only be analyzed by experts, this price speculation tactic often fails. The Zcash you buy today may not be as valuable tomorrow, but if you mine Zcash, there is really no loss.

In addition, Zcash mining is quite easy when compared to mining other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin; you can even use a PC to mine Zcash (however, with high RAM capacity). All the preliminary steps for mining Zcash, downloading the miner, configuring your Operating system and preparing your batch file to run, does not take up to half an hour. Don’t forget; it has a large market.


How to begin

There are a couple of factors which you may want to consider if you want to mine Zcash, especially if you are a beginner who wants to mine using CPU or GPU.

Choose a good Zcash wallet to store your Zcash after mining. This is very important, so be sure to use a good wallet, preferably a Hardware wallet such as TREZOR, Jaxx, Bittrex or Ledger Nano S. You can also mine Zcash directly to exchange but it is not advisable because of security, you don’t want to lose all your mined coins. Of course, before you mine, it is necessary to have a wallet address.

Choose whether to mine in a pool (with a group of other miners) or alone. This is totally up to you as both are profitable when the right mining software is available. Mining software such as Nicehash, work for both CPU and GPU hardware. Through Hashflare and Genesis mining software, you can mine Zcash in a cloud (which means mining in a pool, but in a remote geographical location), EWBF miner is also very good.

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What next?

Now that we have done the necessary preliminaries, these follow.

For someone using CPU, with an Operating system such as Windows, using Nicehash miner you need to:

  • Download the miner to your computer system.
  • Extract the .zip files (you have to specify how many CPU cores you have, in order to use a miner like Nicehash, because it determines performance)
  • Open the application file
  • Fill in your pool and wallet address and start mining.

Technical Requirements for Mining Zcash

For someone using GPU (such as Nvidia or AMD cards) with Windows operating system, it is important to note that your GPU must have a RAM, not below 1GB or Zcash will not be mined properly. Nvidia 1060 which has an amazing 6GB RAM, is very good to mine Zcash. To mine with GPUs, you will have to:

  • Install the drivers for the Video card (GPU) that you have.
  • Download your miner software, EWBF miner will do.
  • Turn of antivirus programs or other potentially disruptive programs.
  • Inside the miner, you will have to paste your Zcash wallet address.
  • Start mining.

Our Expert’s Advice to Begin Zcash Mining

Except you have many GPUs, it is easier to mine in a pool, especially for small miners but be careful to know who runs the pool. Recommended Zcash mining pools include, flypool,, MinerGate, SLUSHPOOL, Dwarfpool. It is also expected that mining Zcash will get more difficult as more coins are mined. Therefore it will be a good decision to begin now.


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