BitFlyer Exchange Review, Account Opening & Trading Guide 2018

BitFlyer- Introduction

Today we will talk about the BitFlyer exchange. In this article, we will talk about how a user can open an account on the BitFlyer, its merits demerits, public opinion, fees, and how to trade with BitFlyer and in the end answers to frequently asked questions asked from the user’s point of view. BitFlyer is one of the well-known exchange for the exchange of cryptocurrency. BitFlyer is a Japanese exchange now the exchange landed in Europe after getting a license of operation in Europe. The exchange had already expanded in the US last year. BitFlyer is the sixth largest exchange of cryptocurrency market concerning to the volume of the trade. The exchange also claims to be the first ever exchange regulated in Japan, USA and now in Europe. Bitcoin is the prominent currency of the BitFlyer because it is the choice of the users at BitFlyer. BitFlyer support about 287 dollars and more volume of Bitcoin, around the same amount traded on Coinbase. Unlike other exchange which offers multiple currencies for trading, BitFlyer offers Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, EthereumEthereum Classic, and Monero. The initial plan of the exchange is to stick to the trading of Bitcoin with EUR in Europe, but then company added other options from the cryptocurrency such as Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash in its trading list. Japan is one of the biggest names in the world of cryptocurrency trading alongside the USA and of course Korea, but many traders of the crypto market say Europe has more potential of growing in the crypto market.  Binance CEO told in his recent interview that France, Italy, Germany, Turkey, and the UK are among the exchanges providing more business in the crypto market. So, BitFlyer is famous among the users due to its trading tools and its service, as it is managing few digital coins, the motive of the exchange is to manage them and provide reasonable customer support for the satisfaction of customers.

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