Go4cryptos Exchange Review, Account Opening & Trading Guide 2018

Go4cryptos – Introduction:

Today we will talk about the Go4cryptos exchange. In this article, we will talk about how a user can open an account on the Go4cryptos exchange, its merits demerits, public opinion, fees, how to trade via Go4cryptos exchange and in the end answers to frequently asked questions from the user’s point of view. Go4cryptos is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange. Go4cryptos is a Swaziland based platform for the exchange of cryptocurrency. Go4cryptos is a fast, easy and simple Swiss-based platform for the exchange of cryptocurrency. Go4cryptos is one of the projects of A-Coin technologies. A-Coin technologies AG is an innovative and dynamic Fintech company with the passion of making Blockchain technology accessible for public. The team of the Go4cryptos consist of strategy experts and financial service providers. The office address of the exchange is on the official page of the exchange like many other exchanges. The exchange provides the registration number so; a user can check either the exchange is authentic or not.  The exchange is crypto-to fiat currency exchange and vice versa. It supports few crypto to fiat pairs including ALP/BTC, BTC/ETH, ALP/ETH, ALP/EURO, ALP/USD, and ALP/CHF. The fees at Go4cryptos ranges from 0.1% to 0.20%. Security is the priority of the exchange. The exchange provides the security to its customers by three fold safety margins by password protection, by IP address check and by google authentication. The user interface of the go4cryptos is very simple and easy to use even a new user can get easy access to the exchange. A user can fund his account by cryptocurrency and by fiat currency within no time. The execution of funds at go4cryptos is a fast process. The buy and sell process of exchange provide its customers real-time market prices. If a user wants to connect with the exchange, he can only email go4cryptos exchange because there is no contact number provided on the exchange.

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