Yobit Exchange Review, Account Opening & Trading Guide 2018

 Yobit- Introduction

Today we will talk about the Yobit exchange. In this article, we will talk about how to open an account on the Yobit, its merits demerits, public opinion, fees, how a user can trade via Yobit exchange and in the end answers to the frequently asked questions from the user’s point of view. Yobit exchange established in early 2015. It is a new exchange in the market of cryptocurrencies. Its prime focus is on the Russian and Chinese traders. It offers hundreds of digital coins against BTC and Yobit exchange also deals in Russian Rouble (RUR) and USD. Yobit also has gambling and lottery services. Yobit exchange has a simple and a user-friendly interface. A user can get a full trading trend on the single screen. It offers immediate deposit and withdrawal of funds. Yobit also offers YobiCodes known as deposit codes; it is to provide ease to the user. It provides the API in a BTC-e format for faster integration into bot-system. It provides two-factor authentication via google authenticator or email. On the security side, Yobit provides file system encryption, Anti-DDoS, real-time encrypted data backup and hot or cold wallets. Yobit exchange provides a Dice game. Yobit exchange has the feature of TBOX. In TBOX a user invests its free coins to the invert box. It’s a tool used for the promotion of their coins. InvestBoxes can change their status from Active to no coins but a user can close his investments anytime, and it is 100% safe to use Yobit exchange. To get the invert box payments for the BTC, DOGE, ETH, DASH, WAVES, LIZA, BTG a user needs to play minimum five dice games per day at these coins. Yobit has a simple user interface even a beginner can use Yobit exchange easily, and they can trade with multiple currency pairs.

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