4 best fastest growing cryptocurrency list to buy in 2018

Why Should You Invest in Cryptocurrency?

With the rise of cryptocurrency, the scope of the Internet is broader than ever predicted. People are investing more in the blockchain based technology startups just as they are used to invest in gold, property, mutual funds, and market shares. As the crypto-market have inflated, so does it price sores high and parse the threshold of increased value. The Bitcoin used to cost in cents in 2013 is now worth 15 grand and rising every day.

Now, if you were updated enough, you would have invested in the Bitcoin 4 years back. But, it’s not your fault because no one was sure that the Bitcoin market is going to become this much fruitful in time. So what if you couldn’t invest money in Bitcoin earlier. Do you know that there are more than 5000 different cryptocurrencies, escalating in the global cryptocurrency market today? Related reading, see: (The 5 Most Important Altcoins Other Than Bitcoin)

How to chose the best cryptocurrency to invest?

Investing is one thing, but choosing the right cryptocurrency to invest in is another. It’s not easy to decide which currency will be best for investment purpose and which will not, and that’s the reason you are here to know.

The price hike of Bitcoin inspired almost every person who takes an interest in cryptocurrency dealings, but the recent market crash has cost very expensive for newbies who invested in bitcoin at the end of 2017. So the unpredictable nature of crypto-currencies may be a fool’s paradise for some, and it makes so much hard to decide, which coin should be invested in 2018. After thorough research and market analysis, experts have predicted bright future for some coins.

4 AltCoins that may rise substantially in 2018

Here is the list of best three altcoins that may rise substantially in 2018.

  • 1) Ethereum

Etherium is on the top of the lists of every crypto-market because of many reasons. It has traded more than $700 some days ago. Its price has risen so much in the previous couple of years which used to be in cents.

Etherium is supposed to be the fastest growing and one of the most successful blockchain technologies because of their own Etherium network which is opensource and can be used to create your own tokens. It opened a Pandora box for developers and investors to come up with their own smart ideas and monetize their systems with crowdfunding with their local cryptocurrencies.

Since the need of developing a new blockchain from the bottom is eliminated. Etherium based blockchain network is easier for developers to adopt and implement. In a short time, many Etherium based coins have started to float in the market. OmoseGo, CryptoKitties, and BAT are famous examples of Etherium based tokens.

Etherium has initiated its smart contract which is supposed to be the future of the cryptocurrencies and global businesses.  Bitcoin also offers a simple and efficient method of smart contracts but it is only used to send or receive coins. While Etherium offers much advanced and higher level smart contract methodology for businesses to set their own conditions and checks for the token release and acceptance.

Predicting the future rates of Etherium is very difficult because it has massively outgrown its predicted prices. If you want to invest in Etherium then do note the current tokens in the market, their worth and supply because who knows how higher the prices can go. As of today, Etherium costs more than every other coin except Bitcoin because it allows other coins to use Etherium blockchain to create their own tokens but the token price is so much these days that have crossed $600 per piece.

Ethereum Guides:

When we say Monero is an anonymous Bitcoin, most people get confused. Wasn’t the BTC already an anonymous technology? Yes, it was, but the terminology (anonymous) have a different context in the world of cryptocurrency. With crypto-coins, ledgers are always public. It means that all BTC transactions made are accessible by the general public. All that a breacher now requires is your wallet address and viola; he can see all payments which you ever made. However, tech junkies cracked the myth with Monero by introducing a cryptocurrency system which mixes its coins with other coins, so they do not become trackable. This is one of the best cryptocurrency to invest now.

Monero is open-source, yet a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency for people. Launched in the year 2014, Monero gained considerable attention from consumers worldwide over the course of time.

Monroe offers another branch of itself in the form of Ardor. Ardor is not just a cryptocurrency; it is an altcoin and much more. Ardor is a scalable blockchain technology which allows a user to tweak around a bit with blockchains. You can create marketplaces within the platform, control accounts, perform voting, perform coin mixing, use blockchain as storage and do a lot more.

Before you go into investment, Read the complete Monero Guide.

  • 3) Ripple

Within previous 6 months, the economic systems of the whole world have seriously acknowledged the threat from cryptocurrencies.  While the Wall Street and stock exchanges of the whole world are starting to adopt cryptocurrencies because of bitcoin frenzy, commercial banks are migrating their systems on enterprise-level platforms like RippleNet based upon Distributed ledger technologies.

Ripple is focused on implementing production-grade enterprise systems with commercial banks engagement, using distributed ledger technology.

Huge Banks like Siam Commercial of Thailand, international economic institutions chain of Standard Chartered, Axis bank in India and Rakbank in the UAE are huge financial institutions with the ability to change the face of the international economic activities in seconds, have adopted ripple’s blockchain based approach for transaction recording. Only in Japan, there are 61 member banks of the Japan Bank Consortium which have adopted and practicing ripple platform on their pre-production phase.

The Bank of England has started practicing an RTGS system, which is based upon ripple technology to record all transactions. Moreover, the regulatory affairs team of ripple has called a successful summit of central banks of the whole world in October 2017 for assessment of distributed ledger technologies on their economies.

Ripple is driving the innovation in the infrastructure of the internet. The researchers working at Ripple are taking the next logical step to build the value based internet by their infrastructure innovation initiative. By offering their own advanced payment systems and distributed ledger technologies to central banks, Ripple aims to automate the economic balance by innovating new digital economic infrastructures.

Ripple’s invitations to all major economic institutions across the world are the alarming bell for the traditional interest-based economy. The advanced technologies of Ripple invite central banks and financial market infrastructure leaders across the world to come and participate in new technologies of Ripple to make the world a safer and better place.

Ripple Guides:

  • 4) Steem

There are so many reasons to choose Steem for a safe investment. Some of the important reasons are as below:

First of all, Steem offers the light speed transaction which will be very helpful to make trades safer and less ambiguous. Secondly, there are no transaction charges, so your calculations are smooth and transparent every time you make a trade.

These charming reasons have helped to boost the Steem in months and the total volume of transactions have crossed one million barriers in no time and haven’t slowed down yet, unlike what happened with cryptokitties of Etherium. The most charming reason for Steem’s unparalleled success is their massive bandwidth, which is not even used a single percent of the whole yet.

Steem currency is generated and used in Steemit platform which is a new social network. This social media cum blogging web application pays the users and initiators to create and share new content on the network. There is also a currency named Steem Dollars (SBD), which was initially planned to reach equal to one dollar. But the price SBD has crossed $16 these days which is a sign of the massive success of Steem platform.

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