30 Fastest Growing Cryptocurrencies to Invest 2018 (Promising Altcoins)

Are you ready to learn about the top 30 best cryptocurrencies to invest out in 2018? Well, many of you would probably not be much aware of the term cryptocurrencies. The term cryptocurrencies are newly known by the name of “Altcoins.”  You can probably make it known as the future of the cryptocurrencies rather than calling Bitcoins. It is probably because of the reasons for the speed of transaction and so as the fees too. Bitcoin has the high price. Its entry is much hard for the users who are beginners with cryptocurrencies. Therefore Altcoins are taken to be a cheap option. It is rightly said that cryptocurrencies have the potential that is relatively high.

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Right through this blog post, we are about to discuss a list of famous and top best 30 cryptocurrencies in which you should invest in 2018. Let’s check them out one by one:

Top 30 fastest growing best cryptocurrency coins list

  • 1) Steem:

On the top of the list, we have the name of Steem! It does have the transaction speed that is about 3 seconds with the fees of zero. It has reached the level of about one million transactions and still, it is not slowing down. It has been availing the use of just 1% of the bandwidth. It is much used on Steemit that is a social media blogging platform.  With this platform, you can make the earnings for Steem and also Steem Dollars.  Next year Steem will be coming up with the launch of Smart Media Tokens as well.  It will help the current business to hence monetize their websites.

  • 2) Ark:

Ark brands are in the second spot of our list! It is much a fast coin that has the transaction speed of about 8 seconds. It will be giving you the option to stake as well. Through stacking, you can bring about the generation of more coins. It is also offering you with the ArkShield as the protection for Ark.  It is now bringing ahead with some of the plans related to the optional privacy.

  • 3) IOTA:

IOTA has been modeled by the medium of the Internet of Things. It is used because it is so much cheap. It has been putting forward the use of public ledger that is known as Tangle. It does accompany the use of addresses that will keep on changing every single time you will be making the transactions.  It also has the fees that are zero. It does not have any miners and has unlimited transactions.

  • 4) Stratis:

Stratis has been mentioned out to be the blockchain based platform. It would be much easy when it comes to the development and also the testing of the C# applications. It would even be provided with the servers for the corporate sector.  It will be bringing its impact on so many of the sectors mentioning with the names of research and also internet of things.

  • 5) Ethereum:

Ethereum is considered to be amazing to use for the reason that it has launched with its own Ethereum network. It would be helping the developers a lot to create the tokens.  For your future business use, it does introduce some smart contacts for the users. It sends and receives coins.

  • 6) Litecoin:

Litecoin was introduced by Charlie Lee! It can be used only in the conditions of the day to day transactions.  One of their most enchanting features has been its lightning networking mode. This made the transactions so much fast and secure. It is very much scalable as in comparison with Bitcoin.

  • 7) Cardano:

Cardano is featuring the service where it will be executing the smart contracts including Ethereum. It is also aiming as in releasing the debit card too. This will allow the users to load more funds and make the use of it at any place and at any time. It also makes the ideal use of proof of stake system too.

Upcoming ICO’s for 2018

  • 8) Monero:

Monero has been very much popular among the users as because of its anonymity feature. It is making the use of stealth addresses. It is also making the use of transaction units on a separate basis. For example, if you are sending 100 tokens, then it will be divided into different sums. It does even make the use of ring signatures to mix up the transactions.

  • 9) Verge

Verge is meant to help out the people regarding the daily basis of the transactions. It was built upon for the Bitcoin blockchain. It will let the business holders transact as on quick basis. It is much fast when it comes to transactions.

  • 10) OmiseGo:

OmiseGo is also known by the name of OMG. It was initiated for the first time by Thai Company Group. It is all known out to be Ethereum based blockchain. It is much used purposely for the commercial level of transactions. It is a combination of payment platform all along with blockchain.

  • 11) Siacoin:

Siacoin does perform the functions along with the different kinds of cloud storage such as Amazon or Dropbox.  It is safe to use for the reason that hackers do not hack each single user storage.

  • 12) Binance Coin:

Binance is one of the most popular types of the exchanges. It is renowned for the reason it offers the discounted sum of feeds. It has so many of the coins listed on it. It is quick and much efficient in terms of usage.

  • 13) Basic Attention Token:

Basic Attention Token is a form of utility token. It does work hand in hand all along with Brave Browser. It is seven times more loaded as compared to the existing level of the browsers. It does eliminate the traditional sum of ads which you do see out. It is helpful both for the advertisers and also for publishers.

  • 14) Decent.bet:

Decent.bet is known as the token that is much used in favor of the online games. You can even make the use of it if you are involved in association with the online casinos. It has a public ledger.  You can often think about buying the house credits in which you are finding best interest to get the return.

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  • 15) Funfair:

Funfair is also known as the form of online gaming platform for the users. It make the use of token known by the name of FUN. Its total supply is about 17 billion in amount. They do accompany the free demo as from where you can play their different kinds of games. It is complete based on Ethereum blockchain.

  • 16) Einsteinium:

Einsteinium has quite an attractive name and is a concept that is related with science. It is one such kind of platform that would be gathering the funds meant for the scientific based research. They are also working as in association with the education and for Internet-based technology products.

  • 17) Storj:

Storj has been putting the main focus on top of the cloud storage. It do set the use of token that is all based on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Their main purpose is to provide the cloud storage with the cheap rates. They are hence speeding up the development of product.

  • 18) Enjin Coin:

Enjin is taken to be one of the favorite coin! It  is all set out to be one of the best gaming tokens for the gamers. You can often consider using the tokens for buying the in-game items as for different kinds of games.  It is also running the gaming community platform in Singapore.

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  • 19) OKCash:

OKCash is regarded to be known as community centered coin. They are functioning an active set of discord group. It would be assisting you to bring up with some improvements in the token sector.

  • 20) EOS:

EOS do function like an operating system. In this system the developers will be able to build upon with some new tokens. It has some of the features that are similar to Ethereum.

  • 21) Lisk:

The list will be giving the users with the opportunity to where they can design blocks as to create with their own decentralized apps. It do make the use of Javascript as its one of the basic languages. It can get loaded with so many of the fake transactions that can slow down the network.. It do make the use of delegated proof to stake the model.

  • 22) BitShares:

Bitshares is special for the reason that it do decentralize the storage. It is completely based on Graphene. You wallet address will be acting as your username which you can pick for yourself.

  • 23) SALT:

Salt is one such kind of the platform that would be working for the lending services. Its token is only used as the means of access to the service. They are offering with almost 120 million tokens in its account.  In this system, cryptos are easily transferable.

  • 24) NEO:

Neo is fully accountable as where it will be bringing the huge support for the future ICOs. If you are using it as the developer, then you do need to use the code as C, or the C#, plus the GO or even Java.

  • 25) Gas:

This Gas is all generated all through the storage of NEO. It is also used in order to control NEO networking. If any single company is running apps on top of NEO system, then it will spend Gas.

  • 26) Asch:

Asch is very much cheap in rates. It would help out the developers at the point where they can easily create their own blockchain assets such as tokens. They do make the use of JavaScript.

  • 27) Decentraland:

Decentraland is all categorized out to be known as virtual form of reality platform. It do make the use of token known as MANA.  You can use it perfectly in your business or in the online gaming world. You can consider using the browser or the VR handset for playing the game. It is quite an interesting concept.

  • 28) Kin by Kik:

They have started on with their token that is known by the name of Kin. It is all running on the platform of Ethereum blockchain. It is purposely used to disrupt all kinds of the traditional advertising methods where it can do bring effect to the user experience.

  • 29) Steem Dollars (SBD)

SBD is the abbreviation of Steem Dollars. It has a huge potential. It is accountable for putting the money in the hands of the people besides into the corporation. It is basically used to create on with some new tokens as well through the platform Smart Media Tokens. It has about 3 million tokens.

  • 30) Musicoin

Musicoin is all about putting the required fund in the sector of music world. It will act as the main medium for the struggling musicians to bring about some financial solutions.  It would even allow you to tip the artists.

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