Top 10 Best Cryptocurrencies of Germany to invest 2018

With the rising popularity of cryptocurrency trends all over the world, Germany cryptocurrency has also widely popularized in the last decade. Investing in a cryptocurrency is quite similar to investing in everything else in a way that you must consider the possible outcomes. Cryptocurrency has reached the most popular in the past year, and therefore, many ups and downs have observed in its value. This list below will give you a brief outline of best cryptocurrencies of Germany.

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1. Ripple

Labeled as XRP, Ripple is widely known for its cryptocurrency and digital transaction of financial payments.  This digital transaction platform is one of a kind with its decentralized peer to peer with an open source interface. The transactions got done in the form of tokens. A token usually depends upon the amount sent from one end to the other end. The receiver can then convert this token into his desired form of currency.

2. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is considered to be the guru of the Germany cryptocurrency market. It is also famous worldwide and has a lot of user reliance on it. Labeled as BTC, it reaches jaw-dropping peaks in the previous year in conjunction with drastic and sudden drops in its value. It is also one of the highest circulating cryptocurrency all over the world with over 19.8 million tokens in current circulation.

3. Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash known as the hard fork due to certain adverse implications, Bitcoin cash is a branching of the original 2017 Bitcoin. It created in response to a disagreement over a certain Segregated witness rule of Bitcoin. Labeled as BCH, it increases the size of blocks and is capable of increasing the transaction limit of actual Bitcoin up to eight times.

4. Ethereum

Labeled as ETH, it is one of the biggest competitors of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. It is one of the safest decentralized systems which is dependent on a source blockchain. The transactions got done in the form of smart contracts, and it has open source interface which is open to the public.

5. Cardano

It can refer as a twin to Ethereum based upon the Smart contract feature. Run by a group of global researchers and tech-scientists, ADA is one of the high-value cryptocurrencies available in the German market.

6. Litecoin

If Bitcoin referred as the gold of Germany cryptocurrency market, then Litecoin is the silver. Labeled as LTC, it has one of the fastest transaction speeds and largest transaction limit of about 84 million. Moreover, even an entry level person can mine it using consumer-grade hardware.

7. NEO

Just like its name, NEO is the highly expected to be the new generation of smart economy. Having an open source database, it is accessible to the public. Unlike Euthereum, NEO consumers can operate it with the knowledge of some computer languages. It develops assets and smart contracts for blockchain.

8. EOS

EOS is a highly flourishing open source, a decentralized interface which allows users to develop blockchain applications simply and easily. With low transaction fees, it is one of the biggest competitors of Ethereum in Germany cryptocurrency.

9. Stellar

Labeled as XLM, Stellar functions via its specific cells called lumens. It has taken on a great venture for the year 2018 with its lightening and decentralization goals. It is highly expected to increase its scalability.


Profoundness in scale and speed are its main objectives for 2018. NEM is a highly rising Germany cryptocurrency having approximately 8.99 million tokens currently circulating through the block chains.


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