150 Words Series-Education- Importance of Language




Many linguists argue that language determines our ability to perceive and understand the world around us. Taking the importance of language in our consideration lets take the example of Pakistan.  Urdu is a national language of Pakistan. But, can it be asserted that Urdu is able to provide all the necessary vocabulary to think about the world around us? Or does it borrow a lot of words from other languages to explain the certain phenomenon? This means that a person with only knowledge of Urdu may not be able to think about the various phenomenon.  But, this is not a problem of Urdu in itself; it is a problem of the state, society, and individuals, who haven’t understood the importance of language in the imagination of a collectivity or an individual. The state of Pakistan must give preference to national language and mother tongues and systematically encourage the languages to evolve with time and introduce new vocabulary every year. This will make our next generations at least able to imagine the world without limitations.


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