150 Words Series- Health- Exercise to Sharpen Your Vision


Eyes are the most wonderful blessing nature has bestowed us. We see the beauty of nature, people, emotions and much more. The blessing can surely be felt when we start losing it by age process or by not caring for it. There are some ways that can help to sharpen your eyesight.

There are few exercises to improve the focus of eyes. Place a pen right in between your eyes at a distance of 6 inches. Focus on the tip of the pen for 10 seconds and then look at a distant point as far as you can just behind the pen for more 10 seconds, repeat the procedure for 5  to 10 times. It sharpens the eyesight and corrects the angles of vision. Pick a site where there is greenery present. Watching green fields for at least 15 minutes daily in the morning also helps in improving visual acuity.

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