150 Words Series- Health Teachings-Health tips for Migraine


Any severe painful headache that comes with the sensation of tingling in arms, flashes of light in front of eyes, nausea or vomiting can be related to a migraine. The causes of this type of a headache are still unknown. The prevalence of a migraine is higher in people who surround themselves with loud noises or are often under stress. Other factors that may contribute to a migraine can be hormonal issues, tobacco or alcohol consumption or may be disturbed sleep patterns.

There are many ways to treat this kind of a headache effectively. Rather than using drugs, painkillers or sprays for relief. One major step has to be taken to treat any kind of a headache and that is to relax, meditate and breathe deeply to release all the negativity and inhale positivity. Various relaxation techniques can be brought into the daily lifestyle and they involve soothing massages. Rubbing of back neck and shoulders can improve blood flow and soothe pain. The best favor you can give your body is to sleep frequently relaxing.

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