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Healthy, clean, smooth, flawless skin gives a sparkle in our overall appearance. One of the commonest problems we have to face is the acne that is often described as blackheads, whiteheads, pustule, papules and sometimes leaves scar marks. It mainly affects teenager’s mostly females but males and other females of all ages can have this issue. Some teenagers find it very distressing and run to dermatologists while others believe in letting it run through its course is the only best option they can have.

Fortunately, acne can be treated effectively. There are varieties of treatments which include topical applications of (benzyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and isotretinoin); antibiotics and birth control pills are also used for acne treatment. Some required Laser and chemical therapies. But the treatment requires a bit of patience. You cannot get rid of the problem in one night, 4 to 6 weeks are required usually but your dermatologist tells best when to stop the treatment. Here are some tips very useful in managing acne on your own.

First, make a habit to wash your face two times a day to remove sweat and sebum (natural oil produced by skin). Use tepid water to wash your face. Cells of dead skin block skin pores and the sweat and sebum begin to collect in these pores where sometimes bacteria of the skin begin to proliferate and form a whitehead and blackheads and pustules called pimples. Washing your face and using regular shampoo for oily hair remove the sebum and prevent the whole process of acne formation.

Second, rub your skin gently with fingertips and avoid sponges and washcloths for this purpose and do not scrub your skin with astringents, exfoliators, and toners, it can worsen the condition.

Third, do not pop or squeeze the pimples, it leaves scars and prolongs the healing process also, do not touch the skin throughout the day it will produce flares of acne and a vicious cycle will be started.

Fourth, avoid sun exposure and tanning baths, ultraviolet rays of sun damages the skin and cause pigmentation and affects the natural even tone complexion. Use of sun blocks helps to save you from these sunlight adverse effects.

Fifth, avoid head covers and heavy oily make-ups. It does not mean that you should not use makeup but you can choose the one which is mineral makeup. Mineral makeup is also excellent in hiding dark spots and give a naturally good smooth color tone of skin.

Sixth, your diet also matters for a healthy looking skin. Foods, which contain oil in a proportion more than required, not only increase the flare but also be an inciting factor. Salads, vegetables, fruits are very good for healthy skin. Drink eight glass of water daily. It will help to detoxify your skin and maintain the moisture of the skin.

Finally, do not feel hesitation in consulting a dermatologist if acne and scar marks are bothering you. After a thorough examination of skin, medical and family history, a dermatologist suggests the appropriate best treatment for that specific person having acne.

One of the most important things is to avoid using self-medications and the treatment. The creams and local skin applications prescribed by a non-medical person can never be suggested. Most of the people having this problem can have issues like sensitive skin, any kind of allergy, some can have hormonal issues, and some teenagers require no treatment at all. Therefore, one should consult a medical person who can diagnose the actual cause of the acne problem and treat the skin wisely. Healthy skin gives a vibrant and healthy impression of your personality, taking risks will not be a good idea.





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