Get started on a DASH Diet

DASH stands for Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension. Putting medicines on a side, DASH Diet is one of the best ways doctors recommend the hypertension patient follow. DASH diet involves changes in your lifestyle, especially in your eating plan. Once started, you are not supposed to leave this routine but add it on daily basis. The purpose of DASH diet is to make you have delicious yet healthy food. It is very simple to follow, the only rule is to have fat-free or low-fat products like milk or other dairy products. DASH diet comes up with a plan which has all sorts of nuts, lean meat, fruits, and vegetables but in adequate amounts. DASH diet even pumps up weight loss as it encourages the eating of whole grain products like cereal. Other than for weight loss patients, this DASH diet plan is even beneficial as a heart-healthy diet plan. All the food items it is asking to eat like nuts or lean meat are all low in calorie and snacks that love your heart.

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