Funky Accessories to Wear At School/University

Funky Accessories to Wear At School/University

Ever wondered why some students tend to get more attention in the class or become teacher’s favorite? School or university is a place where we all want to get little bit of extra attention whether it is related to studies or extra-curricular activities, some of the students are good in studies while others are good with some talents or some join different in-house students societies to showcase their worth, but whatever the reason is your looks matter the most in enhancing your personality and overall image. Now we are not talking about natural beauty here but how can you add to it. Here are some accessories to funk up your everyday look:

Wrist watches and bracelets:

Wrist watches are always a charming addition to your style as they make you look more attractive and responsible at the same time. The combination of funky bracelets and a wrist watch is a must try, it adds colors and extra charm to the whole everyday look.

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Bandanas and scarfs:

Having a considerable variety of scarfs and bandanas in your wardrobe is a life saver, you can wear bandanas on head, wrap around your hair or even can wear at wrists (depending on your style), and whereas scarfs are always very helpful when you want to look pretty in regular jeans and a tee.


Love to wear shorts, skirts or capris? Then wedges should become your best friends, not only they are super comfortable to wear but also look gorgeous with everyday clothes.


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