BitFury Pool Review – Cryptocurrency Mining Pool Review 2018

BitFury Pool Introduction

Today we will talk about the BitFury mining pool. In this article, we will talk about the significant features, currency support and customer support service of the BitFury mining pool and in the end answers to the frequently asked questions from the user’s point of view. A bitFury mining pool is the third largest mining pool as it contains the 11% of the total hash power of the mining community.

BitFury Pool Features

BitFury has several features that attract people. It includes

  • It is third largest Bitcoin mining pool
  • It is a private mining pool
  • It offers 0% mining fee
  • BitFury Company developed its hardware and software by its own
  • BitFury runs its pool
  • Its servers are available around the globe making BitFury a global network available 24/7
  • Fast, reliable and easy to access

BitFury Pool Review

BitFury a third largest mining pool in the mining world. BitFury is different from the other mining pools of the community because it is a private pool. BitFury is a huge company whose one of the project is BitFury mining pool. BitFury Company developed its software and hardware on its own and ran its own pool. So, BitFury will not connect if a miner is running mining hardware at home like Ant Pool or Slush pool. BitFury is a leading company joined hand with the Blockchain technology that allows companies to digitize asserts and securely transact them over the internet. The official web address of the BitFury is BitFury developed both software and hardware solutions for government, business and individuals so, they can securely move asserts across the Blockchain technology. It offers low, easy, fast and reliable service. The BitFury team is a combination of experts from the business, communication, civil societies, and security. BitFury is evolving at the same rate at which world is changing. That’s why they have new features and advancements as compared to other mining pools of the market. It’s servers located around the globe. The home of the BitFury is Georgia.  A miner can connect with the BitFury via social media including Facebook, Twitter, etc. To check the hash-rate of the BitFury, a user can click on the link given at the end of the web page, or he can type in the browser.

BitFury Pool Customer Service

The customer support service of the BitFury is extensive. The offices of the BitFury are in Washington D.C, London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, and San Francisco, etc. it has operator centers in Georgia and Iceland. If a user wanted to contact the BitFury customer support, he could contact the nearest support office. Or he can contact them via email By contacting them at this email, a user can ask about his issues. Moreover, if a user has any query related to wholesales, he can contact the BitFury at For media or press inquiry a user can contact the BitFury via For general information, a miner can contact at Or a user can contact via contact forms for an interaction. The application form contains some information about the miner and its business, and then a user can submit his request. Moreover, a user can contact via social media. Social media options contain Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Bitcointalk.

Frequently Asked Questions about BitFury Pool

List of Cryptocurrencies which can be mined by BitFury Pool

BitFury only offers to mine in BTC.

Does registration is required for BitFury Pool?

Yes, registration is necessary to proceed with the BitFury mining pool as it is a private pool so, without registration, no one can get access to the pool of the BitFury.

What is a fee charged by BitFury Pool?

BitFury did not charge any fee.

What’s Minimum Payout of BitFury Pool?

The minimum payout at BitFury pool is 0.001 BTC.

What’s difficulty level of BitFury Pool?

There is no information provided about the difficulty level of BitFury Pool.

Is mining Profitable with BitFury Pool?

Yes, one of the largest pool of the word offers no fee, so mining with BitFury is profitable.

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