Ethermine Pool Review – Cryptocurrency Mining Pool Review 2018

Ethermine Pool Introduction

Ethermine and Ethpool are two different websites, but the same administration runs them. It is one of the largest pool of the community as it adds 25% hash rate power to the market. Ethermine currently has more than 1 lac miners. It charges low average mining fee. Ethrmine also offers a PPLS reward system to accommodate users who prefer solo mining.

Ethermine Pool Features

Ethermine offers several features that attract people towards the Ethermine pool.

  1. It has accurate hash-rate reporting
  2. Real-time PPLN pay-out scheme
  3. Instant pay-outs
  4. Low average mining fee
  5. Support Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Zcash
  6. Available 24/7 via local and global servers
  7. Ethermine pay all Ethereum rewards either Blocks or fees
  8. It offers customize-able minimum payout thresholds, e., generally it is 1 ETH, but a user can customize it to minimum 0.05 Ether and maximum of 10 Ether
  9. Professional help is available
  10. Security monitoring

Ethermine Pool Review

Ethermine world largest pool. It is famous among the miners of mining community because it offers a low average fee of 0.01. Moreover, it also offers many other features that attract people towards it. The performance of the Ethermine is high; it supports instant orders or miner can get his Ether as soon as he reached the configured payment threshold. The website of the Ethermine is simple and detailed. Even a beginner can mine via Ethermine Pool. The official web address of the Ethermine is The pool status is also available on the Ethermine official website. The availability of these details helps the users to build his trust before mining with Ethermine.  The hash rate of the pool is 72.0 Th/s, more than 1 lac active miners are available on the Ethermine Pool. A miner will find more than 50,000 active miners on the Ethermine Pool. A user can customize the minimum and maximum pay-outs at Ethermine. The minimum payout is 0.05 Eth, and the maximum payout is 10 Eth. Its servers are available in Asia, Europe and America. It offers only solo mining. It does not offer merged mining. Ethermine is a global mining pool that is available 24/7. Ethermine provides DDOS protection to its servers in the USA, Europe, and (France) Singapore. It also offers Full Stratum support for all the miners. Its customer support is also available 24/7. Notify its users with the email notification method and shares invalid warnings. Third party support includes iOS, Telegram Apps, and Android Apps.

Ethermine Pool Customer Service

Ethermine Pool is one of the largest mining pool of the Ethereum market. The support of the Ethermine Pool is extensive. A user can get help from the customer services of the Ethermine Pool.  The help desk of the Ethermine is about the questions related to mining questions only. If a user is facing issues in configuring miner settings, then he can address his issues in the public forums of the Ether and Zcash developed by the Ethermine. Moreover, he can also check the FAQ section of the support before submitting any ticket. The support of the Ethermine Pool is available on the official website of the mining pool under the tab of “Help.” But in case a miner did not find a satisfactory answer related to his issue then he has to “Login” if he already has an account on the Ethermine otherwise he has to “Sign-up” a new account. After registration, a miner can submit a ticket. For the submission of the ticket, a user has to provide an email address on which mining pool will respond; subject means issue, Pool either its Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Then mining server, the category of the question, mining address and at the end a detailed description of the issue and then submit the issue. A miner can check the status of its submitted ticket. The customer service of the mining pool is available 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ethermine Pool

List of Cryptocurrencies which can be mined by Ethermine Pool

The supported currency at Ethermine is Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and now Ethermine introduces Zcash.

Does registration is required for Ethermine Pool?

No, registration is not necessary for mining at Ethermine Pool.

What is a fee charged by Ethermine Pool?

The average fee for mining at Ethermine Pool is 0.01.

What’s Minimum Payout of Ethermine Pool?

What the minimum payout at Ethermine is 0.1 ETH.

What’s difficulty level of Ethermine Pool?

The difficulty of the Ethermine Pool is ever changing so, the difficulty level at Ethermine Pool is variable.

Is mining Profitable with Ethermine Pool?

Mining with Ethermine Pool is very profitable as it is one of the largest mining pool of the network. So, mining in Ether is profitable at Ethermine.

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