F2Pool Review – Cryptocurrency Mining Pool Review 2018

F2Pool Introduction

F2pool is a world’s famous pool. Its user interface is available in three different languages. Recently, F2pool changed the user-interface of their mining pool, and now it is simple to use and understand. F2pool is known as a Discus Fish because of its symbol. It is a Chinese platform that allows mining in several cryptocurrencies. The average mining fee at F2pool is quite high.

F2Pool Features

F2pool has several features that attract people towards the F2pool.

  1. It is available in three different languages
  2. It offers merged mining
  3. Support multi crypto-coins
  4. A simple method to set-up new trade
  5. Real-time hash rate monitoring
  6. Easy to check miner and pool data
  7. Protection against DDoS
  8. Helpdesk is available 24/7
  9. A global network
  10. Full Stratum support

F2Pool Review

F2pool is a leading Bitcoin mining pool around the world. It is the world largest pool of digital currencies. F2pool, established in 2013. It is a Chinese platform for the mining of cryptocurrencies. F2pool made mining very easy. It was not like this before. The F2pool’s user-interface is available in three different languages. The servers of the F2pool are available in Asia and USA. It provides full stratum support. F2pool has an implementation of advanced technology that makes mining easy at F2pool. It guards the servers against the DDoS. Moreover, F2pool is also known as Discus fish because of its monogram. The monogram of the F2pool is like fish. The fee at F2pool is quite high. But F2pool provides amazing and reliable services that make it famous among the mining community irrespective of its fee structure. F2pool also offer merged mining. The merged mining is not available for every coin. But it is available for few coins like it merged mine Namecoin and Syscoin for Bitcoin and Dogecoin for LTC. The transaction fee at F2pool shared with the miners. It is a global network, and it is available in 24/7. Its customer support service is available 24/7. F2pool also answer via community forums that include Twitter, Facebook, etc. Moreover, they also have an option of we-chat where the user can ask about the problems. The mining with the F2pool is simple as discussed before. A user has to register his account, then choose a miner and start mining simply and now he is ready to mine.

F2Pool Customer Service

The customer service of F2pool is brief. It offers different channels to connect with them. Customer support and security is the biggest demand of any trader with these mining pools. The customer support of the F2pool is advanced. They have frequently asked questions under the tab of “Help” by which a user can get help. But in case the user did not find help from the FAQ section then he can click on the “Support” tab of the F2pool mining pool and ask his question by submitting a request. He can see the activity log there. Activity log consists of information related to ticket status. Moreover, miners can connect with the F2pool mining pool via wechat option. In which a miner can talk to the support team member directly. It also offers the choice of community forums that includes Facebook, Twitter, etc. A user can raise his issue via these forums as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about F2Pool

List of Cryptocurrencies which can be mined by F2Pool?

F2Pool support multiple cryptocurrencies including BTC, ZEC, LTC, SC, ETC, ETH, DASH, DCR, XMR, and XZC.

Does registration is required for F2Pool?

Yes, registration is necessary to mine with the F2Pool.

What is a fee charged by F2Pool?

The average mining fee at F2Pool is 0.04 or 4%

What’s Minimum Payout of F2Pool?

The minimum payout at F2Pool is 0.1 ETH, 0.001 BTC, 0.01 LTC, and 0.1 ZEC.

What’s difficulty level of F2Pool?

The difficulty level at F2Pool is unknown.

Is mining Profitable with F2Pool?

The F2pool is a world largest pool. It offers high mining fees but still due to its services people choose F2pool. The profitability of any coin at F2pool is simple to identify. F2pool has a calculator that can calculate the profitability of any coin at F2pool and user can decide which one a profitable coin to mine.

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