FlyPool Review – Cryptocurrency Mining Pool Review 2018

FlyPool Introduction

Today we will talk about FLY mining pool. In this article, we will talk about the significant features, Currency support and customer service support of the FLY mining pool and in the end answers to frequently asked questions from the user’s point of view. FlyPool only supports Zcash cryptocurrency for mining purpose. FlyPool is only Zcash pool run by the developers and the owners of Ethereum. It offers low mining fee which is 1%. It is available in three different languages.

FlyPool Features

FlyPool has several features that attract people towards the pool. It includes


  • It supports PPLNS payout methods
  • Offers anonymous mining
  • Accurate Hash rate reporting
  • They pay all the mining rewards
  • Instant Payouts
  • Customized minimum payout thresholds
  • Professional Helpdesk
  • It has easy to use dashboard
  • It offers full STRATUM support
  • Global network
  • Efficient mining engine
  • Low orphan rate
  • Low 1% fee
  • Third-party iOS, Android and Telegram Apps
  • Email notification system
  • Invalid Shares warnings
  • Detailed Global and pre-worked statistics
  • Customer help is available 24/7
  • Mining servers are in Europe, Asia, and America

FlyPool Review

FlyPool is a reliable and efficient mining pool. It is providing its services for all the users around the globe. FlyPool allows users to mine with Zcash an anonymous currency of the cryptocurrency list. It offers low average mining fee for mining purpose. It offers 1% mining fee. It offers PPLNS payout mode for payments. FlyPool requires no registration means no account and password. The official web address of the FlyPool is https:// The user interface of the FlyPool is simple. It includes many features comprises of Home, Statistic, Announcement, help, Blocks, API, Luck, Pools, and Language. The user interface of FlyPool is available in three different languages. Its servers are available around the globe. The location of the servers includes Asia, Europe, and America. The active miners of the FlyPool are 64243. The current Hash-rate of 297.0 MH/s. FlyPool offers different mining software including Claymore Miner, Bminer, Optimizer Miner, and dstm’s ZCash Cuda Miner, etc. A miner can choose about the mining software. A user can get to know the terms of services and customer support about the FlyPool under the tab of “Help.” Moreover, a miner can connect to the twitters as well.

FlyPool Customer Service

The customer support of the FlyPool contains all the information including FAQ general, FAQ Ethereum, and FAQ about Zcash. A user can get the information about his queries. But in case he will not found what he is seeking for then he can contact the pool via social media. Social media includes Twitter and Facebook. Or a user can submit a ticket. But a user has to register an account with the FlyPool to submit the ticket. So, by this, a miner will submit a ticket, and the FlyPool team responds as soon as possible. It is available 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions about FlyPool


List of Cryptocurrencies which can be mined by FlyPool

FlyPool supports Zcash an anonymous currency from the list of cryptocurrency.

Does registration is required for FlyPool?

No, registration is not necessary to work with FlyPool.

What is a fee charged by FlyPool?

A miner has to pay 1% fee to work with FlyPool which is a low mining fee as compared to other mining pools.

What’s Minimum Payout of FlyPool?

The minimum payout limit of FlyPool is 0.001 ZEC.

What’s difficulty level of FlyPool?

The difficulty level of the FlyPool is static.

Is mining Profitable with FlyPool?

Yes, mining with FlyPool is profitable because it offers low mining fee. It offers mining in only one currency.

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