Multi Pool Review – Cryptocurrency Mining Pool Review 2018

Multi Pool Introduction

Today we will talk about the Multi mining pool. In this article, we will talk about the significant features, customer support, fee structure and the currency support of the Multipool and in the end, we will answer to the frequently asked questions from the customer’s point of view.

Multipool Features

Multipool has several features that attract people towards the pool. It includes

  • Offers PPLNS reward system with zero percent fee
  • Allows daily automatic payouts
  • Support multi-coins
  • Minimum withdrawal limit is 0.0005
  • It also offers merged mining with NMC and others.
  • It is a global network
  • Its customer service is available 24/7

Multi Pool Review

Multipool is a multi-coin incentive switching mining pool that allows mining in several cryptocurrencies. It also offers merged mining that allows mining of Bitcoin merged with alternative currencies like Unobtanium (UNO), Namecoin (NMC), and MyriadCoin (MYR). The official web address of the Multipool is The user interface of Multipool is simple and reliable. The user interface of Multipool comprises of several features including Home, Pools, Statistics, Help, Register and Log-in. The user interface also shows the most profitable cryptocurrencies of the time. It also shows the recent profitability and recent news about the pool. For the ease of the miners, Multipool also contains mining addresses and URL’s for a quick start with the pool. Multipool supports STRATUM servers. Due to the pool’s hoping nature, the rewards are distributed using the proportional system. Multipool is a global network, and its servers are available in Europe and USA. Multipool allows smart mining. Transaction fee shared with the miners. It also offers merged mining. It’s a small size pool of the mining community. Multipool established in 2012 which means it is one of the oldest mining pool in the Bitcoin mining community.

Multi Pool Customer Service

The customer support service of the Multipool is wide. A miner can get access to the support of the mining pool under the “Help” tab. Under the help tab, a miner can connect via a getting started option, FAQ, etc. A miner can also choose Crypto talk multipool forum for seeking help from the people already connected to the pool or left the pool due to any reason. A new person can get to know either it is good to use Multipool for mining or not. Or a miner can contact the pool via email.

Frequently Asked Questions about MultiPool

List of Cryptocurrencies which can be mined by MultiPool

Multi supports multi coins. It includes BTC, LTC, ANC, BXT, AUR, CAP, CANN, DGC, DGB, IXC, FRC, MEC, KARM, MZC, MOON, NVC, NOTE, SPT, PPC, START, TIPS, UNB, TRC, URO, ZET, and WDC

Does registration is required for MultiPool?

No, registration is not necessary to work with Multi pool.

What is a fee charged by Multi Pool?

A miner has to pay 1.5% fee

What’s Minimum Payout of Multi Pool?

The minimum payout at Multi Pool is 0.001BTC; 0.001 BXT; 0.01 LTC; 0.1 DASH; 0.1 ANC; 0.01 AUR; 1 CANN; 1 CAP; 1 DGB; 1DGC ; 1 FRC; 0.005 IXC; 1 KARM; 1 SPT; 0.01 START, 10 TIPS 1 MEC; 500 MOON; 1 MZC, 0.1 NAUT; 0.001 NOTE; 0.1 NVC; 0.01 PPC; 1 TRC; 1 UNB; 0.1 URO; 1 WDC; 1 ZET 0.01 NMC; 0.0001 UNO; 10 DOGE; 1 MYRH; 0.1 VIA; 0.01 UIS

What’s difficulty level of Multi Pool?

The difficulty level of MultiPool selected by the user either static or variable.

Is mining Profitable with Multi Pool?

The mining with MultiPool is profitable because it offers low mining fee and its also offers to mine in several cryptocurrencies.

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