BitMinter Review – Cryptocurrency Mining Pool Review 2018

BitMinter Pool Introduction

Today we will talk about the BitMinter mining pool. In this article, we will talk about important features, currency support, and customer support service and in the end, answers to the frequently asked questions about BitMinter from the user’s point of view. BitMinter is one of the oldest Bitcoin mining pool, established in 2011. Developed by Geir Harald Hansen was also known as Dr. Haribo. The basic purpose of the BitMinter is to provide an easy solution to everyone for making more Bitcoins. It is the oldest pool, so more than 450,000 people have accounts with BitMinter. BitMinter also possesses the feature of sharing transaction fee with the miner. It offers low average mining fee.

BitMinter Pool Features

BitMinter mining pool has many features that attract people towards the Pool.

  • Oldest mining pool
  • Offers low mining fee of 1%
  • Share transaction fee with the miners
  • Uses PPLNS payout mode
  • Provides full STRATUM support
  • Supports daily automatic payouts


BitMinter Pool Review

A BitMinter mining pool is one of the largest mining pool of Bitcoin market. It offers low average mining fee of 1% which is low as compared to other mining pools of the market. It only supports Bitcoins from the list of cryptocurrencies. Its servers are available in the USA and Europe. Registration is necessary for working with BitMinter mining pool.  The registration process at BitMinter is not just put an email and password, but it forces the user to open an account through open ID, Google and choose from the list of wide range of accounts. Once the registration of the user completed, now he is presented with the dashboard. A user can set his setup according to his choice. BitMinter is famous for its ease of use, payout thresholds, look and feel, earning potential, regularity of earning, and its security options. The people rate its website as 3.3 out of 5. The official web address of the BitMinter is The user interface of the BitMinter contains many options including its community, registration, support, Join, Statistics and many more. A detailed description of the pool is available on the official web page of the BitMinter. BitMinter also supports more than ten third-party apps including BTCmon, BTC Miner, Cryptofolio, etc. A miner can explore the Block status, live Stats, Rewards and many more. A user can contact the community of the BitMinter via Google, RSS, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Forum, and chats. In short, BitMinter is a place full of ease for the miners of Bitcoins.

BitMinter Pool Customer Service

The customer support service of the BitMinter mining pool is very extensive. The official website of the BitMinter is easy to understand. The website is designed in a way to provide help to the user at every point. But if a user gets stuck in any place, he has some options to solve his issues. On the official web page under the “community” tab a user can get access to the number of options including Forum, chats, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook. A user can choose any mean that suits him. But if the miner still did not get a satisfactory solution from these options, then he can click on the “Contact” tab and write his message there. The team of the BitMinter is available 24/7, and they get back to their clients as soon as it is possible for them.

Frequently Asked Questions about BitMinter Pool


List of Cryptocurrencies which can be mined by BitMinter Pool

BitMinter only supports BTC.

Does registration is required for BitMinter Pool?

Yes, registration is necessary for mining with BItMinter pool.

What is a fee charged by BitMinter Pool?

A miner has to pay 1% mining fee at BitMinter pool.

What’s Minimum Payout of BitMinter Pool?

The minimum payout at BitMinter is 0.0005 BTC.

What’s difficulty level of BitMinter Pool?

The difficulty level at BitMinter pool is dynamic.

Is mining Profitable with BitMinter Pool?

Yes, the mining is profitable with BitMinter Pool. It only deals with Bitcoins and one of the oldest and low fees offering pool, and it also shares transaction fee with the miners so, it is good and profitable to use BitMinter mining pool.

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