Ant Pool Review – Cryptocurrency Mining Pool Review 2018

Ant Pool Introduction

Today we will talk about Ant mining pool. In this article, we will talk about the significant features, Currency support and customer service support of the Ant mining pool and in the end answers to frequently asked questions from the user’s point of view. Ant pool supports multi cryptocurrencies for mining purpose. Ant pool is one of the largest mining pool and ranked among the top ten mining pools of the world.

Ant Pool Features

Ant pool has several features that attract people towards the pool. It includes

  • A miner can choose mining reward of his interest
  • Smaller payouts are available
  • It has easy to use dashboard
  • Its server is operating from Asia
  • It offers full STRATUM support
  • It offers smart mining
  • A miner can switch to higher mining yields immediately
  • Global network
  • Customer help is available 24/7

Ant Pool Review

Ant Pool is a reliable and efficient mining pool. It is providing its services for all the users around the globe. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Its support PPS, Solo, and PPLNS payment methods. Ant pool supports daily and quick payout techniques. Ant pool also offers convenient management via mining management machine. It provides stable services. Its servers are deployed around the world where the main server is in Asia. Launched date of Ant pool is not available, but it is one of the largest mining pool in the world that contributes one-quarter of the total hash power of the Bitcoin community. Ant pool is owned and operated by a Chinese company known as Bitmain. The official web address of the Ant pool is https:// The user interface of the Ant pool is simple and detailed. It includes many features comprises of Home, Hash-nets, Statistic, Announcement, help, and registration. A user can also choose the language. The user interface of Ant pool is available in three different languages. A miner can connect via Android App, iOS app and we chat. Ant pool adds another feature to Siacoin mining pool in which a miner has a reward system of PPLNS; high profits are for the users and no fee. The overall fees at Ant pool are zero%. But if a user will use PPS reward system, then he has to pay 2.5% amount as a fee.

Ant Pool Customer Service

The customer support of the Ant pool contains all the information including Latest notice, account settings to Ant pool policies, Hash rates, etc. A user can get the information about his queries. But in case he will not found what he wanted to know he can contact the pool via social media. Social media includes BITMAINTALK, Twitter, and Facebook. Or he can also click on the button leave a message. So, by this, a miner will submit a ticket, and the ant pool team respond as soon as possible. It is available 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ant Pool


List of Cryptocurrencies which can be mined by Ant Pool

Ant pool supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum from the list of cryptocurrencies.

Does registration is required for Ant Pool?

Yes, registration is necessary to work with Ant pool.

What is a fee charged by Ant Pool?

A miner has to pay zero% fee to work with Ant pool. But if a user is interested in using any reward system with above minimum payout limits, then he will be charged.

What’s Minimum Payout of Ant Pool?

The minimum payout limit is different for different currencies. It is 0.001 BTC, 0.1 EH and 0.001 LTC.

What’s difficulty level of Ant Pool?

The difficulty level of the Ant pool is not available.

Is mining Profitable with Ant Pool?

Yes, mining with Ant pool is profitable because it offers zero mining fee. It also offers instant payouts.

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