What Information Do We Collect?
It is very important for our valuable visitors to know that we collect very minimal information from your device which mainly includes country, city, visitor’s name, browser, device type, etc. We do not ask users to sign up on our website to access articles since all the articles can be accessed freely. However, if you wish to get in touch with us we would ask you to fill a simple form with your name, message and email address only so that we can get back to you on your feedback.
How Do We Use Your Information?
The collected information is mostly used to enhance the experience of your each visit by giving you the most personalized space to enjoy surfing on, we try to analyze your interests and then display articles accordingly so that you can sit back and gather all the information in a few clicks only.
Is Your Information Secured?
Yes, we take your privacy matters very seriously, we try to build a safe environment of surfing for our visitors, therefore we make sure your information is completely safe with us.
The information we collect is never used for selling or trading purpose, there are usually no third parties involved in the content of our website neither do we use visitors’ information in any harmful or illegal way.
Advertisements on Our Website:
We usually keep our website as clean as possible but if there is a need of advertisement we make sure they do not interrupt with your browsing and surfing. The advertisements are helpful in supporting us for spreading the information or articles free of cost.
Is Our Website Secure From Viruses?
Yes, the website is completely safe from viruses; we keep a regular security check on our website because we want to ensure safe and sound browsing. Your data safety is our priority.
Do We Use Cookies?
Yes, we use cookies just to ensure the personalized experience of the visitor.
Are There Any Third Party Links?
Our website is mostly clean of external links as we try to generate content ourselves and include all the information after going through an extensive external research, therefore, we do not feel the need of adding any external links on our website, however, in some cases third party links can be given but that would only ensure that the visitor gets to the specified destination without any hassle. Those third parties have their own privacy policy which is not controlled by us, therefore, we do not take any responsibility for their policies and how they use visitors’ information. However, we try our best to avoid usage of non-authentic links.
Your Consent is Important to Us
By visiting our website you comply with our privacy policies and have no objection to it. Changes in privacy policies may occur from time to time and we do not notify our visitor through any mean of communication, therefore, we do not take the responsibility for customers’ unawareness in any regard.