Security concerns in Lahore regarding the PSL Final.



The security has been the need of time in Lahore when finally the PSL final is about to start. The locals and all nation are threatened through the last bomb blast happened in the Lahore a few weeks ago and overall deteriorated situation of Pakistan. The blast took lives of many innocents. Therefore, security measures have been highly taken in order to secure the day of the match. Army, rangers, and police have been deployed throughout the city, schools have been closed, businesses have been shut down and many roads have been blocked. But there would not be the curfew-like situation.

Over 8000 personal will be looking after including police and paramilitary forces. It is anticipated that Qaddafi stadium will be overwhelmingly crowded as all the tickets have been sold. It can be seen that Pakistan see this match as a challenge for it as many groups are working out there to stop Pakistan hosting the match, whether it can be hostile power India or any other groups.  So, Pakistan will take every possible action to host the match.

It can be foreseen that this match will be a game changer in the field of sports as it will leave the message of a safe image of Pakistan to the world that the country can still host the matches. Pakistan will start hosting the international matches in the country that will bring many economic opportunities for the country, ultimately it will make the country prosperous as it will generate the revenue from the tourism. Overall it is in the favor of Pakistan country with the positive image and economical perspective.

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