Smart Fridges for Smart Homes

Technology around us is evolving continuously, including our cars, mobile phones, televisions, and watches, etc. Speaking of which, fridges are mostly seen as hardware that only has to stay in a single place at your home, and until now, fridges were the least tech-savvy products that could only keep your food fresh or your beers cold. Well, looking up to the advancing technology and the need is compatible with today’s smart homes, fridges also did not stay behind and started their journey towards becoming ‘smart.’

I’d like to define smart homes with a simple relation to smart operating mechanisms introduced for routine purposes. For example, the conversion of beds into cupboards, storage compartments or simply, a sofa is a smart mechanism that saves up a lot of space in your house. The other technological “smartness” can simply be seen in voice assistants like Siri, Alexa or Google’s Assistant, which are a great example of technology becoming smart enough to manage your schedule, being able to reply to whatever you say and simply improving and easing your hectic routine.

Tech giants like LG and Samsung have set sail on a journey to invent state of the art smart fridges. What is a smart fridge, you ask? Well, these are just fancy, high-end refrigerators that can do more than just storing your food.

Following are the amazing features smart fridges offer:

  • Automatically adjust the fridges’ power settings

Different surrounding temperatures and different types of food storage require a different type of power settings of the fridge. Instead of sticking your hand into the fridge to adjust the power settings, smart fridges allow you to do it via the fridge app and by a display on its door.

  • View inside the fridge without opening it

The smart fridges are installed with panoramic cameras that allow you to go through the contents of the fridge on the ‘door display screen’ without having to open the door. The camera is also able to send the images to the cloud where the user can access the inside of their fridge even when they are away from home.

  • The Spectacular Translucent Display

The fridges consist of a large 29” touchscreen display that can contain almost as many features as a smartphone. The real magic occurs when the user ‘double taps’ on the screen and display becomes translucent, making the door appear see-through. Although the feature makes use of the cameras inside the fridge to give you the view (this feature is called as ‘InstaView’ by LG), it enough gives you a quick peek at the contents of the fridge with just a tap.

  • Wi-Fi and Cloud Services

These fridges are equipped with Wi-Fi and cloud access. The list of items in the fridge, their stock, expiration dates and more info the smart fridge uploads into the cloud can by synced with handy mobile phones or tablet applications. This allows the user to stay updated at any time, any day.

  • Fresh Tracker and Reminder

You can store the expiration dates, purchase date, the amount of the item and item types in the fridges’ database. Since the fridge is ‘smart,’ it uses this database information and geolocation to send you to push notifications on what to buy whenever you are near the relevant stores. So you don’t have to worry about skipping a grocery item on the list.

  • Order groceries online

The smart fridge also enables a user to order groceries online using features like Amazon’s Alexa and voice recognition. It allows you to pay for the groceries using Mastercard and Visa.

  • Find recipes

The fridge is equipped with an application called AllRecipes. This is a platform built for you to easily swipe through hundreds of different recipes, right through your fridges’ display. Once the recipe is chosen, it can be narrated out loud or displayed on the screen.

Other than these features, smart fridges also allow customizations and separate profiles built for each member of the family. They can store their separate data and personalize their profiles according to their usage. The fridge is also able to check weather and manage your calendar. The advancing technology and its latest features unbelievable to an ordinary human mind. Who knew fridges would become this one day?


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