Best Places to live in the World – Sydney, Australia

Best Places to live in the World – Sydney, Australia

Being one of the largest cities in Australia, Sydney stands as the capital of New South Wales. Sydney, Australia, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Cancun, Amsterdam, Barbados, Aruba, Amex, and Austria should be on your visit list whenever you think to visit  Australia. Though the city is pregnant with numerous astounding attractions, it is best known for Sydney Opera House. However, once you are in the city, you cannot keep your eyes away from enjoying the beauty of this dazzling city. The amazing attractions of the city will make you numb to stay and enjoy the beauties. These amazing attractions include Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach, Queen Victoria Building, Sydney Harbor Bridge and much more. To know the details about these attractions, go through the whole article.

Sydney, Australia Local Time Zone & Map

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Sydney Opera House – Sydney, Australia

Standing in front of the water, the Sydney Opera House is one of the most famous as well as most visited buildings in the world. Danish architect Jorn Utzon designed the structure. The structure looks like a gigantic ship for its sloping white roofs. It took exactly 16 years to complete the construction work of the building and the year of completion was 1973. The construction work cost more than 100 million dollars at the time. Later in 2004, it cost more to renovate the complex adding glass walls to the reception hall to offer its visitors the views of the harbor.

Bondi Beach – Sydney, Australia

Located adjacent to the central business district of Sydney, Bondi Beach is a mile-long beach with golden sands. Numerous red-tile-roofed homes, which are situated on the beach, add some unique beauty to the beach. The beach is perfect for the swimmers, body builders, surfers, and sunbathers. The reason for it is that the roughest waves are found at the south end of the beach. The south is reserved for the surfers while the North is favored for the swimmers and sunbathers. Like other beaches, Bondi Beach is, however, also packed with bars, cafes, and shops.


Rome, Italy
Rome, Italy
[ Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Syd, Cancun, Amsterdam, Barbados, Aruba, Amex ]

Queen Victoria Building – Sydney, Australia

Queen Victoria Building is a shopping center located in Sydney. It is a five-story building that houses nearly 200 retailers. It was built in 1898 by architect George McRae. It was designed as a marketplace and a concert hall, and it is restored to its real purpose. The building has numerous stained glass windows and a large glass dome. For its giant size, it occupies an entire city block. As it is a traditional market, a lot of visitors go to the Queen Victoria Building for shopping. In fact, it is a great destination for tourists.

Sydney Harbor Bridge – Sydney, Australia

Sydney Harbor Bridge is another great attraction visited by millions of tourists each year. Though it is a way of crossing the harbor, it is a great destination for the adventurous tourists. Featuring an arch which is 134 meters from the sea level, the bridge was built in 1932. Considering the visitors of the bridge, the city opened a Bridge Climb attraction in 1998. The appeal help visitors ascend to the top of the arch so that they can enjoy the beauty of the bridge as well as the surroundings. There is a museum for the less-adventurous viewers as well.


Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
[ Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Syd, Cancun, Amsterdam, Barbados, Aruba, Amex ]

Sydney, Australia Attractions

Besides these four beautiful spots, the city offers some other great attractions to its visitors. To be satisfied as a tourist, you should visit those places as well. Other attractions of the city include Sydney Tower, Darling Harbour, Royal Botanic Gardens, The Rocks, Taronga Zoo and much more.

Other Tourist Aspects – Sydney, Australia

To know the culture of Australia and to taste the glamor of an Australian city, Sydney is the best choice for the tourists. So, if you are passing a monotonous time, then you can pay a visit to the city. Your mind will be drenched by its eternal beauty.


Paris, France
Paris, France

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