Niagara River – USA and Canada

Niagara River is one of the most attractive tourist spots in the world. For its astounding beauty, the spot attracts millions of visitors each year. The river is located both in the USA and Canada. There are many attractions for the visitors of the river. These attractions are unique and amazing. Though there are many astounding attractions around the river, a shortlist of the greatest attractions of Niagara River has been made for your convenience. These attractions include Niagara Waterfalls, Niagara River Parkway, Clinton Hill District and the Floral Clock. Details about these attractions of the river are described below.


Niagara Waterfalls

Niagara Waterfalls are the most famous tourist attractions of the river. These falls are some of the largest waterfalls in the world. These waterfalls are running from Canadian shore to American coast, attracting millions of visitors. These falls are great destinations for the honeymoons. As a result, lots of newly married couples go to the place for their honeymoons. The Niagara River flows just below the falls. Hence, you can enjoy the beauties of waterfalls and the river at the same time. However, you are assured that you will have a great time while visiting these falls. And these falls may be the first attractions while visiting the river.


Niagara River Parkway

This is another great tourist attraction of the river. This parkway stretches from the north to the south, offering amazing views of the Niagara River and Niagara Waterfalls. It is about 55 kilometers in length. There is a recreational trail running alongside the parkway. The trail is usually used by the pedestrians and bikers. You will have great views of the surroundings while staying on the trail. There are also a few parks around the parkway. These parks are great attractions for the nature-loving people. However, pay a visit to the Parkway if you ever have the chance to visit Niagara River.


Clifton Hill District

Visiting Clinton Hill District while visiting the river has become very popular. The district is a part of the history of Niagara Falls. The place was previously known as the village of Clifton, and there were only a few schoolhouses and farms. However, the town grew later because it was located at the brink of the falls. There are numerous things to do and see the district. Being a brighter and louder district, it has numerous shops, museums, and eateries. All these things have world-class quality.


Floral Clock

Built in 1950, the Floral Clock has been attracting millions of visitors each year. The clock was built by Ontario Hydro. It has a 40-feet diameter, a 17.5-feet minute hand, a 14.5-feet hour hand and a 21-feet second hand. The clock is situated on the north side of the Niagara Falls. At present, the Niagara Parks maintain the clock. There is a tower at the back of the clock, which is 24 feet in height. However, the overall view of the clock is very gorgeous. As a result, it attracts thousands of visitors each day.


Other Tourist Attractions

As said before, there are numerous attractions to enjoy around the river. If you want to have the real taste of Niagara River, you must visit at least a few other attractions alongside the ones discussed above. The other attractions include the Welland Canal, Twenty Valleys, Looff Carousel, Niagara-on-the-lake and Niagara Parks Greenhouse, etc.


Concluding On: 

Being one of the most attractive tourist spots on earth, Niagara River attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. The river is not only a mere attraction. Rather, it is a home of numerous astounding attractions. However, pay a visit to the river if you ever have an opportunity.


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