Things to do in Las Vegas

Things to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, a resort city, is located in Nevada, USA. Vegas, Las vags, Lv, Blackjack, Hollywood casino, Vegas hotels, Las Vegas hotels, Las Vegas shows, and Flamingo Las Vegas, all you are going to love after visiting Las Vegas. The city is very famous for its beautiful casino centers, vibrant nightlife, and many other entertainment options. Because of its mob history and gambling, Las Vegas is known as Sin City. Though the city is a great destination for the gamblers, it offers many things to its visitors. There are couples of great attractions available in the city, which attract thousands of visitors each day. The Strip, Bellagio, Stratosphere Tower and Caesars Palace are considered among the popular attractions of the city. Details about these attractions are discussed below.

Las vegas
Las Vegas

The Strip – Las Vegas

Being the base of most of the casinos in the city, The Strip is a famous tourist attraction. If you are a professional gambler, then the place is a heaven for you. You will find there everything that a casino center needs. With the heaven-like atmosphere, the Strip features beautiful mega-casino hotels. If you don’t want to gamble, you can go for a walk along the strip. Walking along the strip is very enjoyable as you can see numerous casinos closing to each other. Don’t go to the place for a walk in summer since the heat of the sun is excessive at the time.

Las Vegas Local Time Zone & Map

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Bellagio – Las Vegas

Bellagio is also a casino center located in Las Vegas. The casino is famous for its dancing fountains as well as botanical gardens. Taking 140 horticulturists to look after it, the garden has lots of plants. In the backyard, some experts answer the questions of the visitors about gardening. Though the gardens are beautiful, their beauties are nothing to the awesomeness of the fountains. A fusion of light and music always entertains the visitors of the fountains. By the dazzling beauties of these fountains as well as gardens, anyone will be lost in eternal bliss.


manhattan, New York , Usa
Manhattan, New York, USA
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Stratosphere Tower – Las Vegas

Drawing visitors by its unique gimmicks, Stratosphere Tower is an exceptional hotel. Standing at 1149 feet high, it is the tallest freestanding tower in the USA. There is an observation deck in the tower to enjoy 360-degree views of the city. You will feel like a flying bird while staying on the floor. The tower is usually closed after 1 a.m. But on weekdays, visitors can stay till 2 a.m. You should pay a visit to the Stratosphere Tower either you are in need of accommodation to stay in, or you just want to enjoy the beauty of the city.

Las vegas
Las Vegas

Caesars Palace – Las Vegas

Caesars Palace is a large resort as well as a casino, which is also located in the city. Jay Sarno built it in the 1950s. He built the Caesars Palace to compete with the Strip. As a result, the facilities that are offered by the Strip are also provided by Caesars Palace. For its gorgeousness, the casino has been featured in several Hollywood movies. Rain Main is an example of these films, which is an Academy Award-winning film. The casino attracts thousands of visitors each day for these reasons.


Dubai, UAE
Dubai, UAE
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Las Vegas Attractions

As it is said before, there are couples of tourist attractions in the city. The discussed ones are only a few among them. To enjoy more while staying in the city, you should also visit the Mirage, Fremont Street Experience, Mob Museum, Paris Las Vegas and New York Hotel & Casino.

Other Tourist Aspects – Las Vegas

Considering the attractions of the city, it can indeed be said that Las Vegas is heaven for Casinos. If you are a casino enthusiast, then you must visit the city at least for once. As a casino lover, you will be lost in heavenly bliss while staying the city.


Hong Kong
Hong Kong

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