Best Shoes to Wear With Saree

Best Shoes to Wear With Saree

Have you ever felt pity for someone who is wearing an absolutely stunning dress, perfect makeup, and hairdo but with the wrong pair of shoes? You did, right? That is because our overall look matters, every detail should be paid attention to, and shoes are very important in this regard because pretty feet can look bad in the wrong pair of shoes.

Similarly, a gorgeous saree can look bad if shoes are not chosen thoughtfully, but this task is not so tricky if you know the basic tips, so we are going to talk about the right pair of shoes for your sarees.


Well, ideally heels are the best for sarees, but if you are among those who cannot wear heels or feel comfortable in flats then go for kola puri chappals as they look very traditional and beautiful, never opt for flip flops as they look very casual and are not right for this amazing Indian attire.


Heels are perfect for sarees because they make you look very feminine, delicate and beautiful; they also enhance your body figure and improve your walk comparatively. Stilettos are one of the best choices to wear with sarees but some of you might not feel comfortable in stilettos, so go for peep toes, they go easy on your feet, ideally, 4-5 inches are good. Never choose casual wedges or court shoes with fancy saree, they will ruin your whole look, so try not to experiment a lot with your shoes, choose what makes you feel comfortable.

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