How to Carry Bold Colored Jeans?

How to Carry Bold Colored Jeans?

Are you bored of your everyday look and want to change it? Well, colored denim is what you should opt for. Denim has been in fashion as long as we can go back, it has become our everyday item now because it does not require much of an effort to pull off nicely and a single pair or good denim can last for years due to its long durability. While many of us are already a fan of colored denim, there might be a few ladies who find it hard to rock colored denim, especially dark or funky colors like red, green, hot pink, orange, purple, etc.

Colored denim or jeans have been in fashion for quite long now and girls who can pull them off always appear as attractive and confident girls, so here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Go for dark colors first, like maroon or brown since they are easy to carry. You can wear a nice buttoned shirt such as white or pastel shades with dark jeans in order to create some balance. I would also recommend going for a trendy hairstyle such as side braid or a ponytail.
  • If you want to try out funky or bold colored jeans like orange, red or green, you should pick printed tops with it, floral and geometrical patterns are recommended as they add more to your regular style. Picking up a loose shirt which has different colors including the one that matches your jeans is the best choice.




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