Dos and Don’ts of Wearing a Saree

Dos and Don’ts of Wearing a Saree

Are you a saree lover too? Well, saree is loved by not only Indian ladies but is also very famous around the world; many famous Hollywood celebrities like Nichole Scherzinger, Iggy Azalea, and even Victoria Beckham have been spotted wearing sarees, and why not, its elegance and charm is simply undeniable.

Saree has been the most important piece in our wardrobes, but it is also important to master the art of wearing it since a badly worn saree can make you look like a disaster, so to avoid such situations this articles suggests you the best dos and don’ts to wear a saree.

Choose the right footwear:

Carefully choose shoes to wear with it because bad shoes can ruin your whole look. Do not go for wedges and funky flip flops if you do not want to lose the charm of saree. Pick heels or stilettos and if you want to wear flats, go for nice sandals.

Fabric matters:

The fabric of saree plays a very important role, you should pick the fabric according to your body type, for example, if you are chubby and want to look slim, go for georgette or chiffon and avoid silk or other strong fabric because it will make you look fatter.

Minimize accessories:

It is always good to wear less jewelry, not only it becomes easy to carry but also look more pretty with a saree. Try to avoid heavy clutches, whereas handbags are a big no no. Having a nice clutch in your hands is the best idea.


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