Essential White Tops

Essential White Tops

Every girl owns a simple white top that is her read-to-go piece on regular days, whether it is a tee or a buttoned shirt. No wonder white tops are the most versatile thing in our wardrobe, not only they look elegant but a neat top will enhance our personality as well.

There are many types of white tops, one can go for a simple cotton t-shirt which is the best for summers while if you like to go little fancy, look for something in silk fabric or stretchy material, or something with beads, sequins or little glittery patterns, however, a plain tee is always the best choice.

Here is how you can style a regular white t-shirt on daily basis and look fabulous:

Colored jeans:

A white t-shirt goes perfectly with a pair of colored denim. You can wrap a printed scarf or bandana around your neck to add some floral patterns to the look, otherwise, plain denim is enough.

Printed skirts:

Skirts with bold colors and prominent patterns such as floral or geometrical is a good choice to wear with your t-shirt, choose wedges and a shoulder bag or clutch to add more style.

Leather clothes:

A white t-shirt looks super sassy with a pair of leather pants or a simple leather jacket.

Denim shorts:

We cannot forget to mention the grace of denim shorts and a white tee. Wear them with converse or wedges to look more stylish.

Going formal:

Worried what to wear at the office? Well, you can always tuck in your white shirt and wear it with a plain blazer to get the corporate look.

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