How to Look Taller?

How to Look Taller?

Ah, the biggest dilemma a girl can face is regarding their height, especially petite girls, even girls with average or normal height want to look taller and this can be done with simple tricks or without being so obvious. Heels are the most obvious solution that comes to our mind but there are a few more amazing things that can make you look taller.

Remember, it is all about creating an illusion for your viewers or giving visual presentation about your height, this can be easily done without being noticed, but whatever you wear should put confidence in you, you automatically become more attractive when you are confident, so following tips will help you out only if you rock your look confidently.

Puffy Hairstyles:

The best way to add an inch or two in your appearance is to pick puff hairstyles; backcombing or simple puff can add extra inches in your height naturally and make you look taller.

Patterns selection:

Strictly avoid horizontal lines and big prints as they will add visual weight to your body and make you appear fat and short. So always choose vertical lines and small prints to look taller.

High waist:

Petite girls should go for high waist styles whether wearing jeans, shorts or skirts as it will make your legs appear taller.

Skirts and gowns:

Long evening gowns or skirts are always helpful in creating a taller look for petite girls, they will make you look more slender and tall.

Watch your weight:

The fat body will automatically make you look short, try hitting the gym and shed some pounds to look taller.

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