How to Look Trendy in Regular Clothes

How to Look Trendy in Regular Clothes

We all worry about not having enough up-to-date fashion items in our wardrobe. There comes a time when you just want to rock regular and when you want to be liked by others just ordinarily dressed.

Here are some of easy tips and tricks on how you can manage to look trendy in regular clothes:

Have lots of loose t-shirts in your dresser: There is probably nothing more comfortable than wearing a lose t- shirt. Every girl has to have a few comfortable yet trendy t-shirts ready to go.

Torn jeans to go with the shirts: Torn jeans are the hottest jeans fashion nowadays. And let’s face it; they are tremendously chic and comfortable.

Try messy bun for a change: Messy buns is a really turn for most of the people out there. If done right, a messy bun can be a game changer to your complete look.

Avoid wearing multilayered tops if you’re bulky: It might not be the best idea to wear multilayered tops if you are healthy because it adds more volume to your body.

Carry a long strap trendy bag: Long strap shoulder bags with colorful hand embroidery are trendy if carried with a complementing outfit. They can be really comfortable to carry heavy items in the bag if you are the one to travel long distances to college or work.

Love sneakers, not heels: Pairs of sneakers are regulars for many of us. Wear them with the look described above and be trendy while being casual.

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