How to Select an Evening Gown According To Your Body Shape?

Going to a party, wedding or a dinner date with that handsome guy at a fancy restaurant, the evening gown is your easy answer to that one big question i.e. “what should I wear?” Evening gowns come in amazing varieties regarding colors, fabric, cuts, style, etc. but choosing the right type for your body is essential since it will enhance your overall personality, and to do so, one should know what her body type is and which gown will suit her best.

There are four major body shapes: pear shape, apple shape, hourglass, and banana shape, read along to find out the best type of evening gown for your body shape:

Pear shape: Girls with pear shape need to wear a gown that has a nice waistline and is flared to the ground, such gown will hide your lower body and will give you doll’s look.

Apple shape: Since apple shape is wider than other body types, girls with broad body need to wear gowns with deep V-neck to balance out fat parts of the body, try not to wear too many flares.

Hourglass shape: This type needs to be focused on curves, the more you flaunt your curves, the more you will look attractive. V-necks suit them best.

Banana shape: If you have a slender and slim body, try not to overdo anything, just go simple and elegant to steal the show, however backless will make you stand out. If you want to add curves, try out layered gowns.


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