Shalwar or Trousers?

Shalwar or Trousers?

Well, I am so excited to talk about this topic today because like every other girl in India I am also a huge fan of shalwars and trousers because they make our life simpler and easy, they both have been a huge part of every girl’s childhood that is the reason why we feel more confident in such ethnic wears on our regular days, talking of which, shalwars or trousers cannot be ignored if it is any special day or festive event like weddings, Holi, Eid, etc. these bottom wears have been in our history as well, they were pretty famous in 60’s and 70’s be it bell bottom trouser or Patiala shalwar. Let’s find out more about them.


Shalwars are the most amazing desi attire, not only they make you look awesome and trendy but are also super comfortable to wear, they are breezy and are perfect for summers. There are many kinds of shalwars which are slightly different from one another but look spectacular in every way, these types are:

Patiala Shalwar, tulip shalwar, Aladdin shalwar, dhoti shalwar, regular shalwar, Afghani shalwar, etc. All these shalwars add more to your regular style when paired with kurti and kameez.


Well, many people might mix trousers with shalwars because it is a bottom wear, but both of these clothes are different in style and cuts, shalwars are a bit desi while trousers are an Eastern and Western blend of style. There are a few famous types of trousers such as cigarette pants, palazzos, bell-bottom, straight cut trousers, etc.

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