Top Nail Colors to Wear at a Party

Top Nail Colors to Wear at a Party

We girls love to take care of our nails, broke nail is an equal to a broken heart, this is the reason why we regularly go for manicure and pedicures and why should not we because our nails tell so much about our personalities. Similarly, every nail color has a story to tell, so below is the guide to nail polishes that are good for parties.

Glitter polishes:

Nail colors that are shimmery and have glitter n them are the most obvious choice for party wear since they look sassy and are very eye-catchy. Glittery nails will never let you down!

Matt or shiny:

The most common types are matt and shiny nail polishes, matt can make you look more sophisticated and professional while shiny polishes are good for casual days and to appear more girlish.

Velvet and chrome powders:

These are becoming very famous among girls who like to get ready for parties, velvet powders give your nails velvet coverage whereas chrome powders give them special shine, and these are also called as mermaid nail powders.

Nail art:

While talking about nail polishes, nail art is something we cannot forget; they have become very famous in no time. Nail art come in a wide variety of floral patterns to Fimo canes and bling effects, many salons are providing nail art services but you can also try some at your own, YouTube can become a great teacher in this regard.

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