Types of Beach Hats

Types of Beach Hats

Summers are just around the corner and things are starting to heat up a little. Whether you are thinking to stay put or are planning to hit the beach this vacation, you are definitely going to get a new wardrobe. If so, gear up and head to the stores with the ladies to get yourselves some beach clothes and accessories.

While we are at it, this article is especially dedicated to the types of beach hats that you could use this season. Beach hats not only save you from direct heat impact and sunburns, rather they are beginning a new trend for the summers in the fashion industry.

So let’s take a look at some of the unique and most famous hat designs that you could consider buying before hitting the beach!

Fedoras: One of the most famous designs in hats is the fedoras which come in a lot of variations in size, design, and texture. They add an amazing classic touch to your overall beach look.

The Boater Hat: These are the most famous type of hats among ladies for so long now. They make the entire look cute and chic at the same time.

The Bucket Hat: These are light weight and amazing to wear for the summers especially when combined with vibrant colors and different floral patterns to go with each dress.

The Floppy Hat: The kind of a hat with which Titanic’s lead actress, Kate Winslet, makes an entry with her classic wardrobe in the movie. Floppy hats offer a big shade with lighter weight on the head.

Other than these some of the other very famous versions of hats are the trucker hats (also called snapbacks), baseball hats, the cowboy hats and visor hats that you could consider for the upcoming beach party!




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