Types of Hand Bags to Carry At the Office

Types of Hand Bags to Carry At the Office

Out of all the accessories we own, a handbag is worth a million things since they are the most useful item we can have in our collection. Some women are fond of having different handbags in their wardrobe to complement their everyday style but it is very tricky to choose what kind of handbag is worth your money and for that, you should know what works out for you in the best possible way.

A stylish Tote:

If you are a fan of huge bags and like carry your stuff around when you are out and like to have backup plans just in case you ever have to go to parties from workplace or universities, then a nice tote bag is all you need, it gives you so much room to all your stuff and are super easy to carry as their shoulder strap will save your hands from bearing the weight.

Box bags:

Box bags are especially good if you like to look a bit more stylish in regular days, many celebrities have been spotted carrying box bags on various events. These bags come in all sizes, so you can pick the size and color according to your choice.


A clutch bag looks very stunning and flawless, especially if you are like to travel light and do not carry extra stuff with you, a nice clutch is enough to have your important stuff like ATM cards, mobile phone, a pair of studs or even a pocket size lotion or sanitizer.

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