What to Wear At Birthday Parties?

Today we are going to talk about What to Wear At Birthday Parties? Previously we talked about  WHAT TO WEAR ON A HIKING TRIP?  , WHAT TO PACK FOR A ROAD TRIP? , and HOW TO PACK FOR VACATION AT BEACH?

Casual get-togethers are becoming more common these days, people like to gather and socialize more often with each other nowadays, and this is the reason why there is some kind of party around every corner whether it is a bridal shower, one-dish party, baby shower, etc. and at the top of them are birthday parties.

Birthday parties are being thrown since ages, but the trend has changed a lot, there are casual parties for friends, themed parties for families and friends and formal parties are for the official social circle. Therefore, it gets pretty difficult to decide what to wear.

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 Formal birthday parties

Such parties need to have a sophisticated look especially if the venue is some nice fancy restaurant. Wearing evening gowns or other semi-formal traditional dresses would look awesome. Do not forget to wear a nice pair of heels to appear more elegant. Avoid jeans and other casual clothes.


Casual birthday parties

Such parties are usually thrown at home or any fast-food restaurant, and people usually do not follow any specific patterns, you can wear casuals like jeans and top or shorts with tops with pumps or peep toes.

Themed birthday parties

Themed parties are usually more fun since you can dress up as funky as you like. If the birthday is of some toddler, the theme would most probably be about Disney movies such as Frozen, Cinderella, etc., whereas if it’s a teenager’s party, they will set up horror themes or characters theme. Birthday parties for adults are usually about colors only; they would decide one or two colors which you can wear. So do ask them what the theme is about.

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