What to wear on a business meeting


You might think that prepping for a meeting and that carefully designing your notes, presentation and having a grip on the content you’re going to discuss is the most important part of a business meeting.

Yes, that is correct! But did you know that such preparation matters only 40% of your overall impression? So then, what makes the other 60% of the impression you’re going to have on that perspective client or colleagues who’re looking for a catch to bring you down?

“You never get a second chance to create your first impression!”

So, make it a rule to never go to an important meeting without having prepped your dress. Never walk in the interview or the conference room with your flip flops and those short you love! Keep them for home and instead be classic in your choice and start getting that dress together that you’re planning on wearing.

Becoming a display of pure elegance is not that hard. You basically have to just sit down for a while and think of what shoes, tie, shirt, blazer, and pants are you going to wear. Think about the hairstyle and accessories that you’re planning on wearing.

Let’s look at some things that matter the most when prepping for a business meeting:

  1. Figure out the degree of formality and purpose of the meeting

It is the first thing that you need to consider when picking out an outfit. The degree of formality will govern how uptight in dressing you need to be. If you’re presenting a new idea at your own firm or pitching a sale at a client requires different style of attire.

  1. Color scheme matters

Know that the colors should be a complement to each other. Solid colors and plain design are recommended. Save those bright colors and shouting patterns for vacation!

  1. Know what your audience will be?

The audience matters. Is it a client? Is it someone with a higher rank than you or lower? Well, the rule of thumb is to dress equal or better than the ones you’re meeting with, regardless of their positions.

  1. Consider the location for the meeting

Cultural difference matters. If the meeting is abroad, research on their formal attire before heading to the place. Get the suit tailored according to their norms in order to have the perfect impact.

The Dos and Don’ts for Men!

Let’s look at the details now! The shirt should be well fit. Not to lose, but not too tight either. Sleeves with cufflinks are preferred so that if in case, you do have to take the blazer off, you still have something glamorous yet decent on you. Choose classy cufflinks that are not too fancy and DO NOT underestimate the importance of the details of your pants. They should end just at the start of your shoes and should be well-creased. The fitting should complement your body shape. Too tight pants are a no go!

Shoes should be well-polished. Plain and self -printed ties the go with your chosen color scheme are recommended. The tie should be perfectly tied, should be straight and the ideal length is just above the belt. The belt buckle should be plain and equal to the width of the belt itself. The color of socks should not be outstanding. Pick out a decent wristwatch, pocket squares and yes, tie stick pins.

Set back that hair and get ready to cast a spell in that meeting with your good looks and classic style.

Let us know if ladies want us to write about their business attires!

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